© 2019 By Cecile Appiah

#1- My diary: Depend on God.





Today I have decided to share my diary with you. Believing and praying that you will learn from it and stand firm in all!


There came a time in my life when all I did was depending on people instead of God.

People knew almost everything about my life. I'll show you what that did to me. 

It caused me to depend on people and it also caused me to wait on people before I even take a step to do something. 

If they don't move, I don't move. If they don't sit, I don' sit. If they don't talk, I don't talk. 


This all because I was depending on people and not on my heavenly father. One day I was reading and meditating on -Psalm 121- I got so 

enlightened. I realised that all of my help comes from the Lord. This caused me to depend on God, it switched my mind into believing that no one can really help me

in my life only God and even if people help me it is God that has touched them to do so. 


My brother/ my sister, rely on God in all that you do. Believe God for a great manifestation in your life through His power and not through a human beings power. 

Seek God with all your heart, all your mind. Believe Him!! 

He will always come through for you. Lay all your burdens at the cross, lay all your pain at the cross. I mean EVERYTHING!


ALSO stop trusting your circumstances. In my life I have watched how God used my pain to glorify his name and answer other prayers.

God will not forsake you. Always pray for more focus on the Lord!


Cherish the Lord, Love the Lord because every second in his presence is a blessing. 


God bless you, 


Cecile Appiah

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