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Choose to follow God's plan



Jeremiah was very young when God called him into the ministry. He was the only prophet God deliberately asked not to marry but to fully devote himself to the ministry. Chapter one describes his calling. God already chose Jeremiah as a prophet to the nations even before he was formed in the womb (Jer. 1:4–5)

Yes, God has a plan with every individual in the world. Even before birth, God established His plan in our lives. In the same way, you are born for a purpose just like Jeremiah was born for a purpose. The only thing is whether we will choose for the plan of God or not.


In response to God’s calling, Jeremiah became fearful and saw his weakness because he was young and not an adequate speaker. Jeremiah said: “Oh Lord I do not know how to speak and I am a child” (1:6). But God said to him, “Do not say that you are young, just do what I tell you.”

God never looks at the age of a person. He can use everyone, old or young, man or woman.

God can use you. He does not look at your weaknesses. He looks on how He can use your weaknesses for glorifying His name. God commanded Jeremiah: “DO NOT SAY you are a child.” In other words, do not confess it. Many people have an inferiority complex, even in the body of Christ. In place of confessing our weaknesses it is better for us to follow God’s plan.

After Jeremiah confessed his weakness to God, God reached out with His hand and touched Jeremiah’s mouth and promised to put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth.

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