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Tithes and the Offerings



There are countless numbers of churches and leaders who preach curses to their people so that tithes and offerings will come. Christ came to accomplish the Law, therefore, not only 10% of our income belongs to God, but our entire income, life and being belongs to Him. We belong to Jesus because He bought us with His blood.

Many people are victims of careless and curse-oriented messages that come from the pulpits. They preach curses to the people while Christ took out the infirmities because of His blood shed on the cross. He removed all the curses to those who believe in Christ.


Have you ever had the feeling of guilt at a conference when you felt led to give a specific amount, but yet you couldn’t do so because you didn’t have the ability? If so, then I have good news for you. Do not listen to the voice of that man behind the microphone, but listen to the Holy Spirit inside of you. He will tell you what to do. Maybe you need to give more.

Please do not misunderstand me; I am not against tithing. In fact God said to tithe so that “In my house there may be food” (Mal. 3:10). Food means Gospel. The church must realize that the bottom line of every Christian activity is saving souls. The house of God must always have “food” in the house; having the Gospel in the house! To preach the Gospel and to reach the people in our villages, cities, countries, and even the world, needs money. The tithe in the church is not only for paying the rent or elec- tricity, but it is there to reach out and to feed the hungry souls who need the Gospel.


Unfortunately, it has been taught for a long time that through our giving we shall be blessed. Of course this is a fact and I agree with it fully. I only disagree when our motivation to give is to gain more in return. We must tithe because we love Jesus; we give because we love Jesus; we offer because it comes from our hearts and love for Jesus.

Lastly, there are people who give to God because of the Law; their 10% is paid monthly to their local church. Because of this they justify their evil

actions and they think they can buy God off with their money. The Israelites robbed God by not paying their tithes. Some of the so-called Christians cheat God by paying their tithes so that they can compensate their evil actions with their 10% offering. Let me say it clearly, cheating God is worse than robbing God. Robbing God is from the pocket, but cheating God streams from the heart.

Do you want to be prosperous? Then do what the Spirit asks you to do. Be sure that in whatever He asks you to do, there is prosperity and assurance of gaining. God is not behind your 10% income. He is more concerned about you as His child and everything that concerns your life!

I also want to warn every leader and pastor. Do not preach curse to your people on money issues such as the tithes and offerings. Do not preach out of your own knowledge or copy another man’s teachings about being blessed. My advice for you is to teach them to give from their hearts in obe- dience to the Spirit of God.

Teach them what a tithe is and what an offering is to God. Do not harden your eyes unto your members’ tithes or offerings but give them the chance to move freely and to give with joy! Teach them by revelation and not by law. The apostle Paul said:


I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing.

(Galatians 2:21)

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