© 2019 By Cecile Appiah

Hear the calling of God like Abraham did.


Abraham’s name was Abram when God called him. God called Abram and

told him that he must leave his father’s family and go to the land He would

show him. 

During that time, Abraham had built his own family

already. He had his own household. He was married to Sarai who later

changed her name to Sarah.

It would be very difficult for them to leave their own house and go to an

unknown land. How much more difficult was it for Abraham to leave his

household and listen to the voice of God?


Like Abraham, every person has a call in his or her life and that call is the

call of God. God is constantly calling us for His purposes. God has a perfect

plan for our lives, the same way He had a beautiful plan for Abram. God told

Abram that if he obeyed His call, He would make him into a great nation

and he would be blessed. God would bless those who bless him and all the

people of the world would be blessed through him.


This is a wonderful plan of God. God promised to Abram:

 a) A great nation

 b) A great name

 c) Blessings for others


Are these three things that we want in our lives? At the end of our lives, will

people talk about how much we were a blessing for others and how we had

made a great name as a righteous person? Hebrew 6:13 says God wants to

give you the same blessings that He promised to Abraham and to all those

who believed in Christ.

Maybe you want to be a great nation yourself. This starts with your

family. Nowadays, our world is filled with broken families. Either the father

is on drugs or the mother is battered. The children are on the streets with

guns and the parents are divorced. This is not the plan of God for our lives.

God wants to make a great family from His children. 


Whoever BELIEVES in Him WILL BE BLESSED including his children and the children of his children.

He will be blessed in health, in love, in finances, by having a good job, by

obtaining a good education, by a good marriage life, and so on and so

forth. GOD IS CALLING HIS PEOPLE now to come to Him and return to Him.

We cannot receive this blessing of a great family through our own activities

and plans. The only secure way to do it is to hear the calling of God like

Abraham did.



My prayer for you

Dear Father,

Thank you for your word. 

Bless the person who is reading this. Lord grant this person more understanding

on his/her calling.


In Jesus name



God bless you, 


Cecile Appiah 

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