© 2019 By Cecile Appiah

Hi King/Queen,


Welcome to my website! Let me tell you about me and how all this started. My name is Cecile Appiah. I’m born and raised in the Netherlands and I have a Ghanian background. The reason why I decided to start blogging is because I believe in being the best version of myself through Christ.


This all started when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I was hopeless and holding the pen thinking I could write my own life story. Writing your own life story and doing things to please your flesh or doing things to get an approval from people can damage our lives and yes I experienced the damaging part as well. It opened my eyes to see that true love can only come from the most high and what I learned is that me being filled by our heavenly father causes me to extend true love. 


On this website you will get to see videos of encouragement and more!


I pray you enjoy this and it becomes an inspiration and life changing experience whenever you decide to go through my page. 


God bless you!


With love, Cecile

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